Darmiyan Title Ost Full Video Song By Ary Digital

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6 comments on “Darmiyan Title Ost Full Video Song By Ary Digital

  1. Yasin

    7 months ago

    I like this song

  2. rabia

    6 months ago

    nice song i like it

  3. Khizra naqvi

    6 months ago

    I love this song and nabeel also

  4. ahsan

    6 months ago

    one of great realistic sing

    da great about about pakistani dramaz

    they depict true picture of society

    wat a great dilemna and superbly filmed it
    bravo and owsome , salute da makerz n acterz
    and da most credible singer :)

  5. ayesha khan

    5 months ago

    now good condition

  6. Mohsin Iqbal

    3 months ago

    i like it i love this song

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